Helping the Christian Church to understand and use the Psalms.

Psalms and Preaching Is Exciting!

The intersection of Psalms and preaching is exciting. Paul calls both the Word of Christ.

Have We Missed Something?

Can you really get the feel of a state by just passing through on an interstate highway?

The Psalms and the Inner Man

The Christian God is concerned about the Christian’s heart.

We love the Psalms!

It is our conviction that the whole Book of Psalms is, with the rest of the Old and New Testament, the infallible and inerrant Word of God. The Psalms are to be understood as the Word of Christ and all the Psalms speak of Him and those united to Him by faith. The Psalms are meant for use by Christians when they sing, praise, read, hear, memorize, pray, teach, rebuke, correct, train, and preach. It is our hope that this blog will be used by God to exalt Christ, our anointed mediator, that the Christian Church might know better the blessing for all who trust in Him.